Ulrik Ferrie's route can be unlocked by going to the Bodyguard route. As you start the game, you'll be encountering your partner, Fin Euclase. Choices in his route don't really matter. Once you arrived in Sanctuary District, you now need to focus on the choices you'll make to get the guy you're aiming for.

Welcome to my Walkthrough/Guide for Jakou no Lyla ~TRAP of Musk~ (蛇香のライラ ~Allure of MUSK~) European Night. This game is currently being played using Nintendo Switch. You can follow me on Instagram at @reveriewonderland to check my game progress.
Catherine: Full Body First Impressions Reverie Wonderland

I don't have much idea about Catherine, to be honest. Yes, I play games but I don't enjoy or try many games which are targeted to men. But Catherine: Full Body gives the aesthetic that I like and been seeing my female friends getting it as well so why not try it? So today, I wanna share my first impressions about Catherine: Full Body!

Hello! Welcome to my second drama CD review. I've been binge-listening to drama CDs lately and every time I'm done, I always have the urge to share my review. This time, I'll be reviewing a drama CD featuring Chasuke and Kawamura Masato: Nijou Petto Keiyaku =Hanare De=.

Welcome to my first drama CD review! As some of you guys know, I love listening to drama CDs. Though to be honest, I only listen specifically to Domon Atsushi and oftentimes Chasuke and Manaka Sawa. If you also follow these amazing Seiyuus, welcome to fangirl with me! *laughs*
Nintendo Switch Unboxing Reverie Wonderland

I know this post is pretty late already because this console has been out for almost a year now. But still, I wanna share to you guys my simple unboxing post of the recent purchased I made: Nintendo Switch! This is my 1st ever Nintendo console that I got because I really prefer Playstation.

Unboxing: Nintendo Switch

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I know this post is pretty late already because this console has been out for almost a year now. But still, I wanna share to you guys ...

Hi! Let's talk about something personal about me. I wanna share some things that... I guess keeps me on doing the things that I want to enjoy but at the same time, it makes myself get tired easily. I am an Introvert - an INTJ to be exact. I love discovering new things. And by discovering them means interacting with people at the same time. And honestly, talking to people is not really a forte of mine...

I didn't know the existence of Japanese Drama CDs until 2015 - when I accidentally stumbled upon this random track on YouTube where I heard this Seiyuu, Hirai Tatsuya (also known for his real name as Daisuke Hirakawa), voicing a scene using a dummy head mic. Since then, I became addicted to listening to drama CDs and began my hunt on buying some of them. Today, I'll be sharing some shops to which we can buy these kinds of CDs.

On our previous posts, we talked about the online shops from Japan and other International websites that we can buy Otaku-related merchandises. Today, this post is dedicated to fellow fans and collectors who live here in the Philippines! As someone who is always online (it's part of my actual job), I have searched and tried different online shops (most of them are thru Facebook). I'll be listing shops which are my favorites!

On my previous post, we talked about the Japanese Online shops where I bought most of my Anime merchandises/collections. Most of these shops do not cater to shipping Internationally. Which is sure, a pain in a butt especially for people who live on the West. But don't worry! Today, we will talk about the International online shops where you can buy Anime/Gaming and other related merchandise and shipping worldwide are available as well.

I've been getting inquiries lately - especially on my Instagram and Facebook profile and page - asking me on where I buy my Anime merch and how much. As some of my personal friends know, it takes a lot of digging to online shops around before I purchase something. The reason of course is I wanna save some money but at the same, get a good quality merch as part of my collection. For this post, I wanna share the Japanese online shops on where I usually buy my Otaku and Anime merchandise from Japan, especially the limited edition ones.

Finally! I was able to complete my first manga collection. I am a fan of Ten Count manga series and for me, its story and everything about it is absolutely amazing!
Herlock Sholmes Walkthrough Guide Code Realize Future Blessings

Herlock Sholmes, or Sherlock Homes - is a known nemesis of Arsene Lupin. For the Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~ or Fandisc, we got a chance to get Sholmes because they made a walkthrough for him! I recently finished playing his route and here's a short guide to get all the endings.

Because of too much stuff going on like getting busy at work, organizing events and been busy streaming MMORPGs lately, I refrain from playing Otome Games. But after checking out that there have been lots of localized Otome games recently, I decided to continue playing. But to help myself get motivated to finish a game, I decided to decorate my PlayStation Vita!

Collar X Malice is my first Otome Game that I played with lots of in-game mechanics. Compared to the usual visual novels that I played before, this game will make you really feel like a police/detective as you need to navigate a pointer to study the crime scene, shoot the enemy and more. And to tell you the truth, gaining trophies for this game is quite a pain.
aiji yanagi walkthrough all endings collar x malice reverie wonderland

Welcome to the last route of Collar X Malice! Aiji Yanagi's route is definitely my favorite among the five. I really like his personality (or maybe I really prefer matured guys for some reason *laughs*). I like his looks, his voice, and how his story was made. This route contains all the details about X-Day, details about the criminals, and reveals who the heck Zero is.

Kei Okazaki's route is my personal favorite route, next to Yanagi. Since I'm playing the whole game blindly, I happened to start Okazaki's route first and well, I didn't regret it. I had fun while playing his route because he can be cute and serious! Plus, I like the way he texts us because it's an emoji feast *laughs* He's a gentle-type of guy and will love us unconditionally.