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Hi! Let's talk about something personal about me. I wanna share some things that... I guess keeps me on doing the things that I want to enjoy but at the same time, it makes myself get tired easily. I am an Introvert - an INTJ to be exact. I love discovering new things. And by discovering them means interacting with people at the same time. And honestly, talking to people is not really a forte of mine...

Because of too much stuff going on like getting busy at work, organizing events and been busy streaming MMORPGs lately, I refrain from playing Otome Games. But after checking out that there have been lots of localized Otome games recently, I decided to continue playing. But to help myself get motivated to finish a game, I decided to decorate my PlayStation Vita!
Sumafo Anime Inspired Phone Case Philippines Reverie Wonderland

As much as possible, I want to carry some of my things which is related to my fandom or my favorite Anime. Aside from the usual keychains and can badges that I always have on my bag, I made sure that my phone's cover or case is related to my favorite Anime character. I discovered SUMAFO, tried to order, and definitely, I will order more from them.

As a fan, I usually celebrate my idol's birthday alone. Most of the time, I buy a small cake, put all the merchandise together and then take a photo. But for this time around, I celebrated one of my favorite Seiyuu's birthday with a friend.

I decided to use a forwarding service to purchase a photo book from Japan instead of buying straight to Amazon Japan. Two reasons behind it is (1) It's way more cheaper and (2) Tenso forwarding service provides Japanese address for users so you can buy Japanese items online with ease. For this post, I'll be sharing the advantages and disadvantages of using a forwarding service.