Fin Euclase Walkthrough All Endings | Steam Prison

We finally got Fin Euclase's route in English! Aside from Fin's route, there are after stories and short stories available once you purchased the Steam Prison DLC set. Let's focus on getting Fin's happy ending that he deserves.

Go to the Steam client and load the game. Choose "Play Fin Route:"

Choices going to Fin's route. I think these don't matter but here are the choices I chose:

▸Catch man
▸Of course, it is.
▸Suggest going together
▸"What about you, Fin?"

▸Impossible ↠ Will bring you back to the main screen soon after
▸Consider it ↠ The route continues

▸I'm sorry I didn't understand how you felt (+ Finn)
▸I'm sorry I can't love you back (- Finn)
▸I'm sorry you were sentenced for a crime you didn't commit

▸I missed you (+ Finn)
▸Were you doing okay? (- Finn)

▸All right (+ Finn)
▸It will depend
▸Too late (- Finn)

▸Let go of me (- Finn)
▸Just a little longer (+ Finn)
▸<Hug playfully>

▸You're very cool (- Finn)
▸I'm rooting for you (+ Finn)
▸This is where it gets tough

▸Sorry you're having to take me there (- Finn)
▸This takes me back (+ Finn)
▸Aren't you drunk?

↠ SAVE 1
▸I don't hate it
▸It reminds me of my father (- Finn)
▸My heart is fluttering (+ Finn)

▸Good colleagues (- Finn)
▸Like family
▸... (+ Finn)

↠ SAVE 2
▸I treasure him (+ Finn)
▸I have to protect him
▸None of your business (- Finn)

Choosing all of the (+ Finn) options; affection maxed out.
↠ "I Love You" Ending


↠ Load SAVE 1 and pick all of the (- Finn) options:
↠ "Together Till the End" Ending


↠ Load SAVE 2 and pick all of the (- Finn) options
↠ "Dying Voice" Ending

You're done! Now, you can enjoy the rest of the new content included with the DLC. Go to the Title Screen > Extra > Story to check the rest of the contents.

Thank you for using my guide and enjoy! We also got some announcement regarding this game. It will have a Nintendo Switch version to be released on 25 February 2021 and English Subs is available too! Thank you HuneX and dramatccreate and to all the people who pledged to make this wonderful Otome game possible :D

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