[IN PROGRESS] Taisho X Alice Episode 1 Red Riding Hood Walkthrough

Taisho X Alice Episode 1 All Endings Red Riding Hood

Welcome to my Walkthrough/Guide for Taisho x Alice Episode 1. This game is currently being played on Steam. You can follow me on Instagram at @reveriewonderland to check my game progress.

This story will focus on Red Riding Hood's route. More info will be added soon. Enjoy!

  • The man with the red riding hood
  • Yes (choosing "No" → bad ending)
  • Compliment his outfit
  • It's more efficient
  • Who cares?
  • Give him a blanket
  • Why do you ask?
  • My room → entryway → ballroom (choices doesn't matter)
  • Remain calm and think of a solution
  • To get to know him better
  • He’s uncomfortable with women

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