Drama CD Review: Nijou Petto Keiyaku =Hanare De=

Hello! Welcome to my second drama CD review. I've been binge-listening to drama CDs lately and every time I'm done, I always have the urge to share my review. This time, I'll be reviewing a drama CD featuring Chasuke and Kawamura Masato: Nijou Petto Keiyaku =Hanare De=.

⚠ TRIGGER WARNING AND CONTAINS SPOILERS. This drama CD is for ages 18 and up. Proceed with caution as this CD contains the following theme: 3P, Slight NTR (Netorare), 2 brothers.  If you are not comfortable with the following, you can leave this blog post.

This post contains spoiler as I give a short summary about the happenings.

Title: 二重ペット契約 =離れで= / Nijuu Pet Keiyaku =Hanare de=
Brand: Vanilla Recipe
Released date: May 22, 2019


Kujouin Kyouichi - Your boyfriend for this series. He's a doctor who is really good for his skills. Kind and deeply in love with you to this series.
Kujouin Sei - Young brother of Kyouichi. He's a serious man and looks after you.

As you guys noticed, they are brothers. I guess it will give you an idea already about how the story will happen...


You and Kyouichi have been together in a humble home. And yes, both of you are deeply in love with each other. One rainy day, Kyouchi entered your room and gave you new kimono to try on. Of course, the scene will arrive at the smexy scene on the first track already.

Proceeding to the next track, you'll hear the brothers sorta fighting. It is because of Sei who happened to visit your home. You might think that the two of them are not that close but Sei actually respects his brother. Track 2 will introduce you to Sei, and to which I must say the whole plot will start.

Because of Kyouichi being a popular doctor, he had to be away most of the time. And being away means it took days for him to return home. He entrusted Sei to took care of you, to which Sei agreed. Of course, he will agree because there's a part of him that cares for you as well.

You, of course, missed Kyouichi like a lot. And while he's away, you get to be comfortable being with Sei around. But the loneliness is too strong, you and Sei had reached the barrier of being into each other. Sei understand your loneliness so he took the chance to have smexy time with you, to which you agreed.

Sei even invited you to run away with him. And yes, you guys did. But then you guys decided to go home. You entered the house first and you see Kyouichi. He's home and you'll hear how weak his voice is because he was so worried for you.

Sei entered the room after a while. Both brothers talk until Sei told his brother about what is happening when he's away. Kyouichi didn't believe until he asked you, to which you confirmed. He gets mad. Like reaaaaally mad! He fought Sei and strangle him to his neck while shouting all the things at how he hated his younger brother for it. You stopped them and you attended Sei, to Kyouchi's surprise.

Sei proposed a deal for the 3 of you, for his brother's sake. But you love Sei as well. Everything ended up that the 3 of you will have this kind of relationship. The 3P scene happened? Definitely.


Dayum! Honestly, this is one of the drama CDs with a great plot and amazing delivery of the Seiyuus. Chasuke here is insanely good! He did the voice acting really good that I literally applauded after the fight between his character and Kawamura-san's character happened. It's amazing! The character's emotion was well delivered: being gentle, being worried, being extremely mad, being extremely emotional. Why Chasuke doesn't have much Anime roles? He deserve more role because he's amazing!

For Kawamura-san, goodness. Why I feel like he's way sexier here compared to his famous role as Makabe Ryo in the Rouge et Noir drama CD series? I mean, the way he delivered the smexy scenes is way way better. He's improving and I love it!

Plot wise, I actually like it. I like how us here actually debate about the right and wrong (but still we go for the wrong side lol 'cause we love both of the guys *laughs*). But then again, I like how the plot can go slightly deep.


Plot: ★★
Sexiness: ★★★
Voice Acting: ★★★★

SFX: ★★★

Thanks for reading my review! Have you listened to this drama CD? What are your thoughts?

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