Drama CD Review: NoT Regret

Welcome to my first drama CD review! As some of you guys know, I love listening to drama CDs. Though to be honest, I only listen specifically to Domon Atsushi and oftentimes Chasuke and Manaka Sawa. If you also follow these amazing Seiyuus, welcome to fangirl with me! *laughs*

⚠ TRIGGER WARNING AND CONTAINS SPOILERS. This drama CD is for ages 18 and up. Proceed with caution as this CD contains the following theme: 3P, NTR (Netorare). If you are not comfortable with the following, you can leave this blog post.

As you guys noticed the capital letters of the title: N-T-R, this CD's main theme is Netorare, which means it involves emotional hurting the significant other or in this case, "Us," the listener/main character of the story.

Title: NoT Regret
Brand: Chouette / Canary Record
Released date: June 28, 2019


Motoharu (CV: Yane Sen??) - 21 years old guy and your boyfriend in this series. He loves traveling, especially with you. 
Kazuki (CV: Domon Atsushi)- 21 years old bastard guy and Motoharu's high school colleague.

The 2 of them are besties during their high school days. But then Motoharu changed when he met you and they entered different school for their college degree that's why they didn't see each other anymore.


The story started with surprisingly hearing Motoharu doing some sexy time with you. It was a total shock gosh. Good thing I always listen to this with earphones on and at night when everyone is sleeping or else if you played it accidentally you'll be given some shock looks by people around you. *smirks*

So after your sexy time, you guys went to have some pillow talk and Motoharu discussing which place you guys should go soon. Proposing to go to a hot spring place.

One day while you guys are walking, you guys came across with Kazuki. Damn this man so annoying it annoys the hell out of me hearing him laugh and etc. The 3 of you exchange some pleasantries and other things. Kazuki then looks at you, still can't believe that Motoharu got a cute girlfriend. Kazuki keeps on mocking him about it and you, the protective girlfriend, covered yourself and told Kazuki to stop saying things to Motoharu.

Of course, Kazuki has been so persistent, he then invited the 2 of you to have a drinking night with him as a reunion celebration. The night went on and you guys are having drinks, which Motoharu can't handle because he got drunk and fell asleep.

Kazuki took this chance to talk to you about Motoharu's past and about how Kazuki likes you so much. Well, I guess his dirty talking was effective that you can't fight him as he touches you. Of course, you tried your best to stop him because you have a boyfriend already. He kissed you sexily and the track fades...

...to which the next track, you'll hear that Kazuki and you were doing sexy time already. (Darn you Domon Atsushi for sounding so sexy). And you heard Motoharu's groan that he's about to wake up. You told Kazuki to stop because of Motoharu but he then proceeds. And boom, Motoharu saw everything.

Motoharu: Kazuki, what the hell are you doing...
Kazuki: *pants while thrusting* ahh nothing~

You'll feel how mad Motoharu is about Kazuki (but man, if I'm the guy, I'll punch Kazuki immediately but he never did lol) but he can't do anything about it. Somehow, I feel that Motoharu developed his inner fetish of being excited seeing his girlfriend having smex with someone. Kazuki encourages him to take his clothes off and join the fun. And from that, the 3P scene happened.

The next track is about Kazuki telling you about the kind of relationship he wanna imposed. And lol, Motoharu actually agrees and ask you if you are up to this kind of relationship as well.

Stellaworth Benefit track:

You and Kazuki are having sexy time while Kazuki encouraged Motoharu to watch the 2 of you. Kazuki even asked Motoharu to get the condom for him and get naked. Motoharu then m*sturb*tes at the side while you and Kazuki are doing the deed.

The Stellaworth track is more like the continuation of the story if you agreed to be in a relationship with both of them.


Man, I can't even distinguish if this story is a torture for me or not. First, I don't like NTR. I hate that genre 'coz it breaks my heart. But at the same time, I wanna give a big round of applause for Domon Atsushi for being the bastard guy for this series. HE TOTALLY NAILED IT. I got so affected hating his character but damn him for having the eroi voice gosh. His voice and pants and moans are so damn sexy for my own good.

I don't know who's the other Seiyuu is. But the 2 of them blends really good. Yes, I have heard Manaka Sawa and Domon doing 3P scenes but it is so unnatural for me. But for this title, the Seiyuus are good! Sen-san's voice acting is great as well!

The plot, I guess the plot is really simple. They just highlighted the part of having an NTR in it and nothing else. It didn't get deeper. The sound effects are good too (but not as good as Rouge et Noir tho).


Plot: ★★☆☆☆
Sexiness: ★★★☆☆
Voice Acting: ★★★★☆
SFX: ★★★☆☆

Thank you so much for reading my review! This is my first time doing this and a disclaimer: my Japanese is not that good. This is how I understand the CD so if there's anything that I need to be corrected, let me know. ^__^

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