Where to Get Otaku Limited Edition Merchandise: International Online Shop Edition

On my previous post, we talked about the Japanese Online shops where I bought most of my Anime merchandises/collections. Most of these shops do not cater to shipping Internationally. Which is sure, a pain in a butt especially for people who live on the West. But don't worry! Today, we will talk about the International online shops where you can buy Anime/Gaming and other related merchandise and shipping worldwide are available as well.

These are some of the shops that cater to International shipping! Convenient especially for overseas fans who don't want the hassle of getting a proxy service for their Otaku goodies.

Animate International

Animate International brings you Animate exclusive items which are available to ship worldwide! Well, not really all items. The International website has fewer items available compared to its Japan online shop. But what's important is it can support shipping overseas.

Here in the Philippines, they have EMS for shipping. The shipping price is less expensive compared to proxy services so personally, I would prefer buying to this website directly and no need to use proxy services anymore.


CDJapan works like Amazon Japan. It's a website that offers not just Anime-related items but also fashion, books, beauty-related products and more. Sometimes CDJapan also offers "CDJapan Exclusive" such as bromides, posters, etc.

You can use different shipping choices for CDJapan. Personally, it's a bit expensive for me but I guess the convenience of buying here is great. Compared to Animate, CDJapan's Anime-related items are way less, and most are out of stock and you need to avail a separate service from them if you wish to get an item which is not available on their shop.

In terms of promos, CDJapan often offers promotions such as 50% discount on items or on shipping fee and more. I can say that CDJapan is very active on promotions like these so be sure to stay updated on their website by signing up to their newsletter.

Have I bought items from them? Lots of times! Convenience wise, I like it but for the cost, I have to think about it.


Yesasia is an online shop that sells not just Anime related goods, but also items from China, Korea, and more. It's a one-stop-shop by most people.

What's good about Yesasia I must say is that they offer free International shipping to most of their items. You just need to check it the item that you can has a logo of the free shipping. Well, if you check the items, most of them are 30%-50% more of its original price. So I guess that's where the "free shipping charge" goes.

Have I tried it here? Not yet. But I am willing to try their services soon!


Same as Animate, AmiAmi is a website which is exclusive to anything geek: from Anime, manga, games, toys and more. Most of the people I follow on Instagram avail their services and buy items from them. I haven't tried them yet since most of the items I'm looking for are not available on their site.

Items available here are brand new. Most of it is just a bit pricey compared to its original price. But I guess the people I follow on Instagram can afford it, especially to people who are living on the West. AmiAmi has lots of shopping options available as well.

Amazon Japan

Amazon Japan, as I mentioned in my previous post, supports International shipping as well thru Amazon Global. But a fair warning, most of the items can get triple of its price when you want to ship it Internationally. I haven't tried it yet because well, I can't afford it.


I will try my best to update this list because as of the moment, these are the shops that I stumbled upon when I'm looking for Anime/Game-related merch to buy. On my next post, I would like to feature online shops from the Philippines to which you can buy Otaku-related goods!

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