My Ten Count Manga Collection

Finally! I was able to complete my first manga collection. I am a fan of Ten Count manga series and for me, its story and everything about it is absolutely amazing!

Ten Count is about the story of Tadaomi Shirotani, a secretary of a company who is a mysophobic (someone who's afraid of germs/bacteria). He met Riku Kurose, a psychotherapist on a small accident. The two of them got to know more especially Kurose wants Shirotani to help overcome his fear. He asked Shirotani to list down all the 10 things that he's afraid of doing and by that, Kurose slowly helped him to overcome each number and called it "exposure therapy". But of course, as each day passed by, their feelings for each other grew more and secrets were unfolding along the way (such as why Shirotani got the phobia, why Kurose wants to help Shirotani, etc).

The manga was written and illustrated by Takarai Rihirito, with a total of 6 volumes. Just this March 2018, after four years, the manga had its conclusion and its English serialization will be released by December 2018.

To be honest, I am not much fan of BL/yaoi series. I will only discover one when it has a drama CD and my favorite Seiyuu will voice one of the characters in that series. Since Ten Count had a drama CD and Tomoaki Maeno, one of the Seiyuus that I follow the most was playing as Kurose, I immediately started reading the manga. He was partnered with Tachibana Shinosuke who's playing the role of Shirotani.

Just by reading the first volume, I got hooked. The story and emotions are deep plus the illustrations were beautiful as well. I discovered the manga at around 2016 and I promised to myself that once this series is finally complete, I will be buying the complete manga volumes. And yes, I did it! It's actually the very first manga series that I managed to complete.

I first got the last volume first last June 2018. Then I bought the remaining book at Otamart with the help of my Japanese friend. My manga version was all in Japanese because I wanna practice reading a Japanese book as well.

I am very happy to finally complete this manga series! And if you are looking for a BL manga series to read, be sure to give Ten Count a try. Listen to the drama CDs as well! Please buy the actual books to support all the people behind this manga.

Which manga do you collect or finished collecting? Share your thoughts below!

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