Decorating My Playstation Vita!

Because of too much stuff going on like getting busy at work, organizing events and been busy streaming MMORPGs lately, I refrain from playing Otome Games. But after checking out that there have been lots of localized Otome games recently, I decided to continue playing. But to help myself get motivated to finish a game, I decided to decorate my PlayStation Vita!

After having a hard time thinking about it (like I can't really decide if I should really do it or not), I decided to give in. My current white PS Vita is the PCH-1000 (phat). It's plain but I love it. Before, I just have these Ten Count Kurose Riku keychains attached to it plus cat analog caps. This is how my Vita looks like before:

I'm thinking of reviving my Instagram account and have pink-themed photos to upload. I've been inspired with cute and pink things lately so it will go same as my Vita *laughs*

I went to Farmers Cubao and look for MYTATTOOSKINS, a specialty shop for printing and attaching skins to your consoles, phones, laptop and more. I spent Php 300.00 (around $6) for the pink skin. The guys at the shop are accommodating and I should say that the quality of the print is better to what I actually expect.

I decided to go at the Novo Mall near my place. I saw these sticker decorations for Php 20.00/pack. It will definitely go well with the design that I am thinking.

Here's how it looks now! I'm planning to change my analog caps with white/pink colors in it. I plan to order it directly from Japan together with some drama CDS that I want to order soonest! *ehem Domon Atsushi ehem*

I manage to finish playing Collar X Malice this month. Technically, I have the game last January 4 (and its July now!) You can also check out my walkthrough guide here. (I have to play the whole game twice in fast forward after finishing it completely just to set up all the choices *sigh*). And since I have 7'sCarlet, I will be playing it next!

I feel good for some changes like this. Sometimes, you just need to spice up your life to get some inspiration and to push the things that you aim to achieve. Lately, I've been battling some stressful situations in terms of work, family, and some friends that talks behind my back.

But no matter what happens, I still need to continue to push thru and do the things that I know will make me happy and at the same time, share the joy to other people and to somehow inspire them as well.

Thanks for reading!

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