Celebrating Takuya Sato's Birthday!

As a fan, I usually celebrate my idol's birthday alone. Most of the time, I buy a small cake, put all the merchandise together and then take a photo. But for this time around, I celebrated one of my favorite Seiyuu's birthday with a friend.

From the first day of May 2018, me and my friend Min, started to talk about our plans for celebrating our favorite Seiyuu's birthday, Takuya Sato. His birthday was on May 19, so we have 19 days to think about it.

We first decide to which place should we celebrate it. Since both of us are living far from Manila (she's from South and I am from North), I asked her if she knew any place same as Cafe I'm Here. We have no other ideas and eventually decided to settle at the said cafe. The Cafe I'm Here's place is suitable for people who want to have some privacy because of the small cubicle with table, pillows, and outlets. The food is a bit pricey though.

Min's illustration of Satou Takuya posted on her Twitter.

Because Min is artistic, she spent days drawing Takuya Sato until it was done the day before his birthday. She also uploaded it on her Twitter and got likes and retweets from other Satou fans (mostly from Japan).

We went to the cafe and started decorating our cubicle. She brought her drawings and some balloons while for me, I brought all the merchs related to Satou that I have like CDs, magazines, toys, and games.

We started decorating the place and ordered frappes. I feel bad because, for the price of 2 cake slices at the cafe, we can already buy a whole cake outside. Too bad at the said cafe, outside food is not allowed (it's understandable though but still...) :(

Of course, picture taking!

I am happy with how it turned out. We started taking photos! After that, we ate and posted the images on our Instagram and Twitter accounts. And well, we also sent images to Satou's Instagram via direct message! :D

At Japan, there's an ongoing event for Satou Takuya's birthday. It is divided into 2 parts: the day and night part. We are happy because Satou keeps on updating if the event is already done and he will posts images of him with fellow Japanese voice actors. And woooh! We got hyped to see that our message was seen! (I do really wish that it was him who read our messages).

My message to him got 'seened.' Yay :p

The whole day was fun. And as I mentioned, it is my first time to celebrate a Seiyuu's birthday with a friend who actually has the same favorite voice actor like me. Most of my close friends are more into games and western/Korean dramas and reality shows, that I often complain and wish that I do hope one day, I will have a close friend with the same fandom as mine and the same wavelength as mine (because I tend to be loud, naughty and sarcastic most of the time lol).

Special mention to Min for celebrating Satou's birthday with me. Thank you! I am happy!

I have a video telling what happened and a short clip of our set up! Check it out :D

How do you guys celebrate your idol's birthday? Feel free to leave a comment. I would love to read them! <3

Thanks for reading!

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