Takuya Sato 4th Single CD Album 'Monologue'

As I mentioned on my previous blog post, I recently became a fan of Takuya Sato. Together with his 2nd mini album “DAY&NIGHT,” I also bought his 4th Single and currently the latest entitled モノローグ (Monologue). If only this package wasn’t delayed for a week, I would be able to participate to his second live *pouts* but anyway, let me show you the things that you can see inside the album.

モノローグ (Monologue) was released last November 8, 2017. There’s no limited edition version for this but instead some bonus such as poster. As mentioned above, this CD that I got has a bonus lottery coupon. Too bad that my package got delayed because if not and I got chosen for the lottery, I would be able to watch his second live *cries in Japanese lol*

Front cover
Back cover

This CD contains 6 tracks. The first 3 tracks are the actual songs while the last 3 tracks are the off-vocal versions.

Track list

1. Kimi ni Todoke Tai / 君に届けたい
2. ~senya ichiren~ / 千夜一恋 ~senya-ichiren~
3. Sepia / セピア
4. Kimi ni Todoke Tai / 君に届けたい (off-vocal)
5. ~senya ichiren~ / 千夜一恋 ~senya-ichiren~ (off-vocal)
6. Sepia / セピア (off-vocal)

I actually like the design of the CD itself - there are lots of eyeglass design imprinted in it. And since this is only a Single, there are less photos of Satou available in the lyric sheet compared to his mini album.

The songs are upbeat. But when I listen to ~senya ichiren~, it actually touched my heart because of the way Satou Takuya sang. Definitely a must-buy CD to enjoy more of his songs.

You can watch the video below for the actual CD tour!

You can buy this CD at Animate Japan International, Amazon Japan and CD Japan. Check out each links because you might spot a CD with a poster bonus. Support the artist by buying the original CD!

If you’re a fan of Takuya Sato, make sure to add this CD on your collection! There are upcoming CDs for 2018 and planning of buying them soon. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment if you have any questions :)

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