Utaite Shoose Second Album 'Shoose Case'

Hey everyone! Its the year 2018! How was the start of the year for you? Well for me, I started making myself busy by making outlines on what to post on my blogs. So for my first post for this year, I'll be sharing a Christmas Gift that I recently received. Its Shoose' second album entitled "Shoose Case." How was it compared to his first album? Let's check it out!

Shoose Case was released last May 17, 2017. It has two varieties: one is the Regular Edition and the other one is the Limited Edition. There are lots of bonuses for the both CDs such as posters, keychains, pins, photobooks and more but too bad I didn't able to avail any of them unlike last year *sobs*

Limited Edition (left) and Regular Edition (right)

Front cover.

Back of the CD.

Both regular and limited edition contain 14 song tracks with 2 bonus songs. Since I got the limited edition ones, the album contains 2 CDs. The second CD contains 3 short situation dramas which are (as for what I have heard when I listened to them) voiced by Shoose himself! Here are the track list:

  1. Second Kiss / セカンド・キス
  2. Kokoro Tokaui Namae No Mi Hakken No Zouki No Kinou Nitsuite No Kousatsu / 心とかいう名前の未発見の臓器の機能についての考察
  3. Masked bitcH
  4. PiNK CAT
  5. Mantisukuraishisu / マンティス▽クライシス
  6. Yoshihara Ramento feat. Umehara Yuichiro / 吉原ラメント (feat. 梅原裕一郎)
  7. Gekkou Junshoku Girl / 月光潤色ガール
  8. Between the Sheets
  9. Haitoku Sugar / 背徳シュガー
  10. Gossip / ゴシップ / しゅーず
  11. Yosogoto / 余所事
  12. U
  13. Cold Hand (English Ver.) / コールドハンド
  15. Honey Bee -Bonus track-
  16. Gokurakujoudo / 極楽浄土 -Bonus track- 

  1. -Dai 1 Wa- Hontouni Niau Kutsu / 第1話- 本当に似合う靴
  2. -Dai 2 Wa- Kawari Tai To Negau Nara / -第2話- 変わりたいと願うなら
  3. -Dai 3 Wa- Hatsu Date Ha Kono Kutsu De / -第3話- 初デートはこの靴で

Disc 1

Disc 2

If I will be asked which from both of his album (Shoose Box and Shoose Case) are better, for me its his second album. Though the first thing I noticed is that his version of Masked bitcH in this CD is very different from the first time he did a cover of it. Its not a negative thing, I am just not used to it. I also noticed that he's getting better and better singing in full English (listen to his cover of 'Cold Hand'). I was shocked when I first heard it and I fell in love with his voice all over again *sigh*

Lyric Sheets

Shoose Case Limited Edition costs at 2,746 Yen (around Php 1,300) at Amazon Japan. Sorry but I won't be uploading any soft copy of the songs! Please support the artist by buying the official merch and albums of them.

Check out the video below as I present the CD with some song and drama CD samples!

If you are a fan of Utaite Shoose, this CD is a must-buy too! He gets better and better on every piece of song that he cover and yup, I am one of the fans that is proud for him :D

Have you bought the CD too? Share your thoughts below! Don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions :)

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