Takuya Sato Second Mini Album 'DAY&NIGHT'

I recently became a fan of Satou Takuya (佐藤拓也). After hearing some of his drama CDs, my infatuation on him instantly grow. Before, I just now him as one of the Seiyuus from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Touken Ranbu. But now in an instant, I started buying some of his official song albums. Today, I'll be sharing this haul of mine, Satou Takuya's second mini album titled "DAY&NIGHT." Did I actually enjoyed listening to it?

(Left) Limited Edition and (right) Regular Edition

DAY&NIGHT was released just last July 5, 2017. This album has two varieties: one is the regular edition and the other one is deluxe edition. There are some bonuses for both CDs like getting bonus photos of Satou Takuya. Of course again, I didn't able to avail those because I recently became a fan of him.

Front album cover.

Back album cover.

Both regular and deluxe edition CDs have the same total of 6 tracks. Since I got the deluxe edition, it comes with a bonus DVD! The DVD comes with 2 shows: one is snippet footages of his 1st solo live "You Can Make It!"; while the other one is you can watch Taku-chan making a cake!


  1. Burning Wheel
  2. My salvation
  3. Yoi Yami Ageha / 酔闇アゲハ
  4. distance
  5. Koi Hanabi / 恋花火


  1. Satou Takuya 1st Solo Live Digest "You Can Make It!" / 佐藤拓也1stソロライブダイジェスト映像
  2. 2 Satou-San to Issho - Cake Hen - / 佐藤さんといっしょ ~ケーキ編~ (特典映像)

I opened the album for the first time and I squealed the moment I see this!

Disc 1
Disc 2

Did I enjoy listening to it? A big YES! To be honest, aside from me being a fan of him as a Seiyuu, I also like Satou's singing voice. For this CD, most of his songs are lively and upbeat. So I will definitely listen to this CD especially when I need more energy because each songs are full of energy. My favorite song from this album is Yoi Yami Ageha / 酔闇アゲハ *shake shake shalala~* The song sticks to my head for almost a day and also reminds me of him when he do R18 drama CDs (that whisper and the intense "ahh" killed me!)

The CD design are both simple, in color black and white. The lyric sheets are so satisfying because there are lots of images of Satou (in gothic like the image below) and him wearing Yukata. *My eyes are blessed* I don't know if the same lyric sheets are available for the regular edition ones.

Lyric sheets with more images of Sato Takuya.

I haven't listen to Satou's album titled "Heart" yet but so far among all of his albums, 36.8℃ is still my favorite.

You can watch this video to check out the CD!

DAY&NIGHT Limited Edition costs at 3,354 Yen at Amazon Japan. Sorry but I won't be uploading any soft copy of the songs! Please support the artist by buying the official merch and albums (especially Satou is very active!)

Ripped the CD and added the songs on my Walkman for personal use.

If you are a fan of Takuya Sato, I recommend buying this CD, especially the limited edition ones. You can enjoy the video of him during his live and can imagine that he's making a cake for both of you *hahahaha yup I did imaging it for myself!* I might be a new fan of him but I will dedicate myself to support him in different ways because his talent as a singer and a Seiyuu plus his jolly personality makes me love him more. How I wish I could meet him *sobs*

Have you bought the CD too? Share your thoughts below! Don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions :)

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