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hakuoki ps3 walkthrough guide saitou hajime

Hajime Saito is a member of Shinsengumi with a serious yet quiet personality. Who would have known that this man is a sword geek? He loves seeing new swords so much though he can't afford buying one (or just won't allow himself to buy one). He's loyal to the Shinsengumi, especially to Hijikata.

Let's get to know more about Hajime Saito:
  • Rank: 3rd Division Captain
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Voice Actor: Toriumi Kohsuke

Here are the choices I made that leads me to get his Happy Ending. Please do take note that I am blindly playing this game and this post will be updated from time to time as I will also try to get the other endings. This walktrough is a guide for the PS3 version of the game.

Happy Ending: Saito Route

Chapter 1-1: January 1864
  • Attempt to explain my situation.
  • Decided to tell them why I'd come to Kyoto. ↑ROMANCE
Chapter 1-2: February 1864
  • Talk to someone. CG
Chapter 1-3: July 1864
  • Remain in the compound.
  • Head to the Ikeda Inn.
  • ...follow Saito.
Chapter 1-4: August 1864
  • ...want to come.
  • To Hamaguri Gate.
  • Trust Saito. ↑ROMANCE
Chapter 2-1: February 1865
  • Return to my room.
  • Go to the inner courtyard.
Chapter 2-2: June 1865
  • Want to remain here.
  • Cried for backup. CG
Chapter 2-3: June 1865
  • I'm worried about Okita.
  • Go around. ↑ROMANCE CG
Chapter 2-4: October 1866
  • The furies.
Chapter 3-1: April 1867
  • The Guard.
  • Felt betrayed. ↑ROMANCE CG
Chapter 3-2: July 1867
  • Yes.
  • Stay in my room.
  • Stay quiet.
Chapter 3-3: November 1867
  • Decided to stay home.
  • Go find Saito.
Chapter 3-4: December 1867
  • I want to help.
  • Stay and talk. ↑ROMANCE CG
Chapter 4: January 1868
  • We needed to retreat. ↑ROMANCE
Chapter 5: February 1868
  • (Save 2: Create a separate SAVE before you choose at the NEXT SELECT CHOICE)
  • Give him blood.
Chapter 6: February 1868
  • Maybe you're right. ↑ROMANCE CG
  • (Save 3: Create a separate SAVE before you choose at the NEXT SELECT CHOICE)
  • Decided to give him blood.  CG
  • (BAD ENDING ALERT: If corruption level is too high)
Chapter 7: March 1868
  • Give him blood.  CG
  • Continue to the Aizu Domain.
Chapter 8: August 1868
  • Decided to stay. ↑ROMANCE CG
  • Decided to give him blood.
  • (BAD ENDING ALERT: If ROMANCE level is too low)

Game Completion: Saito Route

Some of the CGs in the game can only be obtained in some parts of the game. Meaning, if you aim for the Happy Ending, you can't get some of the CGs unless you explored and finished each part of the game. We highlighted some parts above in blue, to let you guys know that you need to make a save before you choose from the next selection.

Of course it is not a requirement, unless you intended to finish the game and complete all the CGs for the trophy.

  •  Load Save 2
  • Chapter 5: February 1868
    • Make him endure it.
    Chapter 6: February 1868
    • Maybe you're right. ↑ROMANCE
    • Made him endure it. CG
    •  Load Save 3
    Chapter 6: February 1868
    • Make him endure it.
    Chapter 7: March 1868
    • Make him endure it. CG

    Shinsengumi Adventures: Saito Route

    Shinsengumi Adventures are the bonus short stories in the game. It will unlock after you finished the Happy Ending of a certain route. These short stories happened in between the eras of the game plus a short after ending story. To check it, you need to go to the Story and look for the route of your choice.

    Shinsengumi Adventures Part 1: April 1864
    • Catch the cat
    • Console the child
    • About the cat
    Shinsengumi Adventures Part 2: January 1867
    • Infiltrate Shimabara
    • Find someone right away
    • Report it immediately
    • Stay  CG
    Saito Memories of Love Part 1: September 1864
    • I think I understand.
    Part 2: January 1867
    • Do you want to, um, play?
    Part 3: November 1867
    • Sorry for making you worry.
    Part 4: January 1868
    • All right. 
    Part 5: March 1868
    • Hold on to me.
    Part 6: April 1868
    • No reason.
    Part 7: August 1868
    • The past.
    Part 8: October 1870
    • Of course I do.

    Enjoy playing Hakuoki: Stories of Shinsengumi! Saito is my favorite character among all the boys in the game :D

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