Period: Cube ~Shackles of Amadeus~ Radius Walkthrough Guide

Hello and welcome! I recently got my copy of Period: Cube ~Shackles of Amadeus~ and started playing it! Today, I finished my second route which is Radius, a powerful player from the Devil faction.

Radius is considered as the powerful player on the Devil faction. But he's been known for being a loner and kind of snob or in a better word - he's an antisocial (for a reason). He is also known for being an overpower (OP) player, especially since he holds one of the powerful weapon or Trinity of Swords named Infernal Shadow Edge.

In the real world, Radius is an Idol (celebrity). He's been into this-and-that magazines, TV commercials, etc and of course, he's famous to opposite sex. Still he's kind of snob but gets really playful once you get to know him (and oh, he can't control his lust when you're around *fans self*).

Let's get to know more about Radius:
  • Real name: Rei Aijou
  • IGN (In-game Name): Radius
  • Age: 18 years old
  • CV: Tomoaki Maeno
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Here are the choices I made that leads me to get his Happy Ending. Please do take note that I am blindly playing this game and this post will be updated from time to time as I will also try to get the other endings.

Happy Ending

Choices here will increase Radius' affection level. **Game Choice = Kazuha's Almighty Level. To get Radius' Happy Ending, we need to increase Kazuha's Almighty Level as well. To do this, we need to prevent choosing "Observe" at the Game Choice section once you start his route.

  • **Game Choice: Run > Use Knife
Quest One / Chapter One
  • Chapter One Part One
    • **Game Choice: Run (Start of Radius/Zain Route)
  • Chapter One Part Two
    • **Game Choice: Use knife > Play harp
Quest Two / Chapter Two (Start of Radius Route)
  • Where did we meet before?
  • No. I won't run away.
Quest Three / Chapter Three
  • I'm sorry for asking.
Quest Four / Chapter Four
  • **Game Choice: Play harp
  • My friend is hospitalized here.
  • Thank you so much.
Quest Five / Chapter Five
  • **Game Choice: Jump in front of Hiroya
  • He's my friend.
  • Mochi with grape filling.
Quest Six / Chapter Six
  • Both versions of you are cool.
  • I don't want to go home, though.
  • I wish I had been by your side.
Quest Seven / Chapter Seven
  • I'm glad your safe.
  • There will be a credit video that will play after you finished the route (Happy Ending - Radius).

Bad Ending

You can't clear Radius' route if your affection level is too low. You can't also clear the game when Kazuha's (or your) Almighty Level is too low.

Merry Bad Ending

To get Radius' Merry Bad Ending, you need to satisfy the following condition:
  • Kazuha (or 'you') Almighty level to max (5 out of 5) AND;
  • Radius' Affection level to 0 out of 10.
You can get this Merry Bad Ending by:
  • Going to Quest Seven of Radius' route:
    • Title Screen > History > Radius' Route > Chapter/Quest Seven > Select Kazuha's Affection Level to Max > Select Radius' Affection Level to 0.
    • Select 'Repeat this Chapter.'
    • Select the answer: "I missed you."
    • There will be a credit video that will play after you finished the route (Merry Bad Ending - Radius).

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