Period: Cube ~Shackles of Amadeus~ Poyo-poyo Walkthrough Guide

My favorite route and my favorite among the guys! Here's Poyo-poyo, an Intel monster that roams around the whole Server V of Arcadia. His route is the backbone of the game Period: Cube ~Shackles of Amadeus~ as it will unveils all the secrets and reasons behind why Arcadia's Server V exist.

Poyo-poyo is not your ordinary chibi monster. He knows everyone and everything about the game (because well, your very own brother disguise himself as this cutie-patootie creature!).

And aside from Hiroya (mild hints) and Radius (obvious hints), Poyo-poyo is another reason why the game is rated as Mature (with much obvious hints of *wink wink* If you know what I mean). I want to leave a small warning since this route might trigger some players, especially for those who are not very fond of brother-sister love interest.

Let's get to know more about Poyo-poyo:
  • Real name: Shiki Hanamiya
  • In-game name: Regulus / Poyo-poyo
  • Age: 21 years old
  • CV: Kousuke Toriumi
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Here are the choices I made that leads me to get his Happy Ending. Please do take note that I am blindly playing this game and this post will be updated from time to time as I will also try to get the other endings.

Happy Ending

Choices here will increase Poyo-poyo's affection level. **Game Choice = Kazuha's Almighty Level. To get Poyo-poyo's Happy Ending, we need to increase Kazuha's Almighty Level as well.

  • **Game Choice: Use Knife
Quest One / Chapter One
  • Chapter One Part One
    • **Game Choice: Use knife (Start of Libera/Hiroya Route)
  • Chapter One Part Two
    • Both of you, just calm down. (This choice will unlock once you clear all the routes - Astrum, Radius, Libera, Zain and Hiroya).
Quest Two / Chapter Two (Start of Poyo-poyo's Route)
  • **Game Choice: Use knife
  • All right, I trust you!
Quest Three / Chapter Three
  • If you say so, Poyo-poyo.
  • Then, I guess half is all right.
Quest Four / Chapter Four
  • My brother could have come home.
Quest Five / Chapter Five
  • I'm the one that's sorry.
  • I'm sorry for worrying you.
  • ...Tell me your favorite food.
Quest Six / Chapter Six
  • Don't say that, please.
  • **Game Choice: Play harp > Run
  • Apologize to Ira.
Quest Seven / Chapter Seven
  • I don't want a world like that.
  • I won't lie.
  • There will be a credit video that will play after you finished the route (Happy Ending - Poyo-poyo).

Bad Ending

You can't clear Poyo-poyo's route if your affection level is too low. You can't also clear the game when Kazuha's (or your) Almighty Level is too low.

Merry Bad Ending

To get Poyo-poyo's Merry Bad Ending, you need to satisfy the following condition:
  • Kazuha (or 'you') Almighty level to max (4 out of 4) AND;
  • Poyo-poyo's Affection level to 0 out of 10.
You can get this Merry Bad Ending by:
  • Going to Quest Seven of Poyo-poyo's route:
    • Title Screen > History > Poyo-poyo's Route > Chapter/Quest Seven > Select Kazuha's Affection Level to Max > Select Poyo-poyo's Affection Level to 0.
    • Select 'Repeat this Chapter.'
    • Select the answer: "I want to be with everyone" > "I love you."
    • A set of choices will pop-up on the Merry Bad Ending:
      • I hope tomorrow will be a good day. > Will repeat the whole Merry Bad Ending scene.
      • But, something feels strange... > The game will bring you to the Merry Bad Ending - Poyo-poyo credits.

I do love this route for a reason! I'll be doing my game review for Period: Cube ~Shackles of Amadeus~ the soonest. Please do check it out once its out! *smiles*

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