Period: Cube ~Shackles of Amadeus~ Demento Walkthrough Guide

Who would have thought that Demento has his very own route! Sharing my last walkthrough guide about Demento from Period: Cube ~Shackles of Amadeus. His route technically starts at Chapter five of Astrum's route.

Demento is a fallen angel (or a PK). And for you to become one, it means that you've killed someone who belongs to the same faction as you. Demento killed someone from Angel faction because it excites him to kill people, whoever it might be.

Let's get to know more about Demento:
  • Real name: Minato Karasuba
  • IGN (In-game Name): Demento
  • Age: 22 years old
  • CV: Yuichiro Umehara
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Here are the choices I made that leads me to get his Happy Ending. Please do take note that I am blindly playing this game and this post will be updated from time to time as I will also try to get the other endings.

Happy Ending

Choices here will increase Demento's affection level. **Battle Choice = Kazuha's Almighty Level. To get Demento's Happy Ending, we need to increase Kazuha's Almighty Level as well.

  • **Battle Choice: Crouch Down
Quest One / Chapter One
  • Chapter One Part One
    • **Battle Choice: Play Harp
  • Chapter One Part Two (Start of Astrum Route)
    • I said don't talk to him like that.
Quest Two / Chapter Two
  • I can do it myself.
  • My heart is pounding
Quest Three / Chapter Three
  • I feel kind of bad.
  • **Battle Choice: Use bow
  • Thank you for worrying about me.
Quest Four / Chapter Four
  • I'm alright. Please continue.
  • **Battle Choice: Use bow
  • Yeah, that was a handle.
Quest Five / Chapter Five
  • You've already finished it. (Start of Demento Route)
  • **Battle Choice: Increase ally strength
  • Demento, stop it!
  • I'm genuinely interested.
  • **Battle Choice: Use bow
Quest Six / Chapter Six
  • Stop it already!
Quest Seven / Chapter Seven
  • I'm not planning on dying...
  • There will be a credit video that will play after you finished the route (Happy Ending - Demento).

Bad Ending

You can't clear Demento's route if your affection level is too low (like 10 out of 11 Affection level and below according to my own experience as I repeat his route). You can't also clear the game when Kazuha's (or your) Almighty Level is too low.

Just choose the other choice option when doing Demento's route to get the bad ending. There will be a prompt saying "Game Over. Demento's Affection Gauge is not enough."

Merry Bad Ending

To get Demento's Merry Bad Ending, you need to satisfy the following condition:
  • Kazuha (or 'you') Almighty level to max (6 out of 6) AND;
  • Demento's Affection level to 0 out of 4.
You can get this Merry Bad Ending by:
  • Going to Quest Seven of Demento's route:
    • Title Screen > History > Demento's Route > Chapter/Quest Seven > Select Kazuha's Affection Level to Max > Select Demento's Affection Level to 0.
    • Select 'Repeat this Chapter.'
    • Select the answer: "I'm sorry."
    • There will be a credit video that will play after you finished the route (Merry Bad Ending - Demento).

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