Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Trophy Guide/Game Tips

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ is one of the best Otome games I played so far. It's story, the graphics, the sound & effects are all great plus the characters are well-written. Playing the whole game is not complicated and earning trophies as well. For this post, I'll be sharing PS Vita trophy guides plus some tips along the way.

My trophy record for Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~

🏆 Trophy Guide:

- There are 18 bronze trophies that you can get for this game. You can get most of the trophies as you play the story from Chapter 1 to 8.
  • [The Miracle Begins] - Clear the Prologue
  • [Steel London] - Clear Chapter 1
  • [The Gathering] - Clear Chapter 2
  • [For an Objective] - Clear Chapter 3
  • [Reunion] - Clear Chapter 4
  • [The Vampire King] - Clear Chapter 5
  • [Life-Threatening Talks] - Clear Chapter 6
  • [The Great Sky Battle] - Clear Chapter 7
  • [The 666th Girl] - Clear Chapter 8
  • [Avenger] - Start Van Helsing's route
  • [Sinner] - Start Victor's route
  • [Dreamchaser] - Start Impey's route
  • [Temptation] - Start Saint Germain's route
  • [What He Chose] - Clear Van Helsing's route
  • [The World, With You] - Clear Victor's route
  • [Honest Love] - Clear Impey's route
  • [Undying Love] - Clear Saint Germain's route
  • [Grateful Thief] - Start Lupin's route
- There are 7 silver trophies that you can get when you unlock all the mentioned conditions below.
  • [Guardian of Rebirth] - Clear Lupin's route
  • [Memories of Van Helsing] - Unlock all Van Helsing images/CGs (27 in total)
  • [Memories of Victor] - Unlock all Victor images/CGs (25 in total)
  • [Memories of Impey] - Unlock all Impey images/CGs (19 in total)
  • [Memories of Saint-Germain] - Unlock all Saint Germain images/CGs (23 in total)
  • [Memories of Lupin] - Unlock all Lupin images/CGs (28 in total)
  • [Memories of the Journey] - Unlock all non-character images/CGs (you need to finish Lupin's Normal Ending to unlock one of the non-character images. 19 images in total).
- There are 6 gold trophies that you can obtain in the game. These trophies will unlock once you clear all the routes.
  • [A World of Skin] - See everyone's extra scenes (you can view it at Title Screen > Memory Trunk > Extras)
  • [Woman of Knowledge] - Fill the Glossary
  • [Historical Mind] - Complete the Path of Genesis (when you clear all routes)
  • [The Girl's Future] - see everyone's True Endings
  • [Door's Memory] - see all ending movies (when you clear all True Endings)
  • [Congratulations!] - collect all images
  • [C: R Master] - Obtain all trophies

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★ As I play the whole game, I keep on saving game data whenever I see choices that I need to answer. With that, I can just load the save data to check and see what will happened such as  'what if I made this choice' and etc. So that you can just come back anytime, especially when you got a bad ending.

★ Have time clicking the down button when you see words that are red in color. It saves you time for the 'Fill the Glossary' trophy. If you can't unlock the mentioned trophy, you can play the game again and it will unlock.

You can unlock 'Extra' once you get the True Ending of each route. You'll definitely love it (especially Van Helsing's extra) *grins*

You'll know if you clear the true ending of a route when the ending movie played. If not, you got a Normal or Bad Ending.

There's a CG at the non-character image collection that will only unlock when you clear Lupin's route in Normal Ending.

If you cleared each route in Normal/True ending, congratulations! But don't be afraid to re-read the story and choose the other choices. (Your previous choices will turn into green text once you play again).

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment down below. Enjoy playing Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~!


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