Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Saint Germain Walkthrough Guide

Saint Germain has been my favorite among all the characters in Code: Realize. He's kind yet mysterious (or maybe I really like mysterious guys *laughs*). Actually, I didn't expect his route to be more dramatic and romantic at the same time. He fights for both of you even though he has a heavy task at hand.

At his route, Saint Germain has the mission to kill you. Being a member of Idea and because of what happened to his past, it all affects every decision he's making. When he's trying to kill you, resist. Find a way to escape his mansion and go back to the others. But at the last chapters, fight for what is right for the both of you.

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ other main character route walkthrough:

A short background about our count:
  • Name: Saint Germain (CV: Daisuke Hirakawa)
  • Birthday: August 2, Leo
  • Age: More than a hundred years old
  • Known as: count of France, Sainty-G, Apostle of Idea
Below are the choices I made that leads me to get his True Ending. I chose the following answers as I play his route for the first time.

Cardia Beckford's History

Chapter 1: London Steam
  • Take his hand
  • Go with Impey
  • Remain defensive
Chapter 2: The Strongest Stalker
  • "I'll accompany Impey/Victor"
  • Come out
Chapter 3: A Girl's Education
  • Ask Saint Germain to teach me
  • Go to Central London
  • Ask Saint Germain to teach me
  • Mysterious
Chapter 4: Train Robbery
  • Disagree
  • Check on Saint Germain
  • Leave the station
  • Speak with Saint Germain
Chapter 5: The Vampire Requiem
  • Isn't there another way?
  • Persuade him
  • Don't ask
Chapter 6: A Negotiated Solution
  • Run into the back alley
  • ...
  • Leave the hotel
Chapter 7: The Buoyant and the Bellicose
  • I don't really understand
  • Prepare for counterattack!
Chapter 8: Nobody Understands the Truth
  • Thank you
  • You will have this kind of scenario where Saint Germain will accompany you to the laboratory. When you got it, it means you are now officially in his route:

Saint Germain's History

Chapter 9: Twilight
  • "What do you think of me?"
  • … will stay here →→→ (I chose **…want to go back to the old mansion** = Bad End #1)
  • Resist →→→ (I chose **Don’t resist** = Bad End #2)
Chapter 10: Seeker
  • Is that the only way?
  • Try picking the lock →→→ (I chose **Keep using the poison** = Bad End #3)
Chapter 11: Saint-Germain
  • All right
Chapter 12: Time For Decision
  • Don’t hesitate →→→ (I chose **I’m still uncertain** = Bad End #4)
Chapter 13: Promise
  • … accept her terms →→→ (I chose **… reject her terms** = Normal End)

If you happened to get a Normal Ending, no worries! You just need to replay his route at Chapter 13. You'll be getting this kind of question. Choose "Yes" and proceed. Wee!

How will you know if you get his True Ending?
  • Once the game's ending credits appeared, you managed to get his True Ending. You can skip the song and proceed to the ending scene of his route.
Comment down below if you have any questions! I'll be answering them with all my might. Good luck and enjoy playing Code: Realize~!

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