Mystic Messenger Cosplayers at Cosmania 2016

A week before the event, I decided to take photos of all the Mystic Messenger cosplayers that I will be seeing at the convention. Yep. I am a big fan of the Korean Otome game and my favorite is Jumin Han. Because I know that during Sundays, lots of cosplayers are gathered whenever there is a convention for that day, I decided to go at Day 2 of Cosmania 2016. And my quest for finding Mystic Messenger cosplayers was a success!

I've been in the cosplay community for like 4 years already. And even though I have a camera with me and I've been participating to different cosplay events as a media partner (under different organization/blog), I like watching the cosplayers from afar. Although I am quite hesitant to approach them (and I even ask them to pose for a short video), I am very thankful that these awesome cosplayers didn't hesitate!

Sharing to you are the photos I took during Cosmania Day 2, featuring all the Mystic Messenger cosplayers that I saw during the day!

Oops not that one lololol.

You might want to watch this short video featuring these cosplayers!

Long scrolling ahead!

**Individual Photos**

**Group Photos**

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