Wood Craft Living Room Puzzle Set

What's good when you are actually looking for some action figure accessories and you are on a budget is seeing items which is very usable and much cheaper. All you need to do is be patient and be wise! I saw this living room set accessory on a Japanese Store in a mall and I am very delighted to spot something good for my Figma and Nendoroid and much more, it's also cheap. So today, I'll be sharing my haul of the day - Wood Craft Living Room Puzzle Set.

Hi dreamers! So I'll be sharing another haul I found at a mall while searching for some items. As its name indicates, this Wood Craft Living Room Puzzle Set is made of thin wooden puzzle pieces that you need to assemble. You can build a sofa and a center table with this set.

The front side of the item

Back size, with an instruction manual in the Japanese language

The puzzle set is kinda plain looking. But what's good about this is you can paint the puzzle pieces or by adding some customization (ex. adding cushions on the sofa) to make it look good. Or you can just leave it by itself since the set has a fine finish.

So after I assembled it, I tried it on my Figma Levi and it looks good! 

If you love assembling things, this item is perfect for you. As of now, I am planning to put some customization in preparation to my Christmas Diorama Project :)

If you are wondering on where I bought this, it cost Php 88.00 at Japan Home Centre (specifically at Starmall EDSA-Shaw branch located at ground floor).

There are a lot of puzzle set available like bedroom set, dresser set, etc. The bedroom set is actually perfect for Nendoroid.

(I used my Canon Digicam for taking photos and edited it in a bit with Adobe Lightroom).

Thanks for reading! :)

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