Re-Ment Disney's Dreamy Restaurant Set #7

Collecting Re-Ment sets is another hobby that I am currently starting to venture. Isn't it amazing when you actually saw everything as a complete set and have them photographed with your Figma and Nendoroid collections? You can almost give life to your diorama with these Re-Ment sets as they are beautifully made and makes each scene alive.

For today's haul, I'll be sharing this Re-Ment Disney's Dreamy Restaurant Set #7 that I bought last week on a toy store. Currently, they are having a sale so I bought this set half the price.

To give you guys a short background about what actually is a Re-Ment, it is a Japanese manufacturer of collectible plastic toys. Re-Ment sell toys such as miniature food, furniture, animal figures and key chains. They have been very popular around the world because of the very detailed toys. They make different sets (1 set/ small box) per series. And one of the series they made is this Re-Ment Disney's Dreamy Restaurant.

For this Re-Ment Disney's Dreamy Restaurant Set #7 contains miniature food and table wares: 4 Disney fairytales-inspired cupcakes, a cupcake holder, pumpkin teapot (which you can open the lid) and a very elegant tea cup with saucer and teaspoon.

Isn't it great for a fairy tale-inspired cafe diorama? :D

Let's see if Levi-heichou enjoys his afternoon tea with these set-up!

This set of Re-Ment cost Php 190.00 at Toy Kingdom, SM North EDSA (The Block). I'll be sharing more of my Re-Ment set soon so be sure to check it out!

Thanks for reading! :)

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