Meiji Ice Cream Tub Keychain

So I happened to visit this Japanese surplus shop at Starmall EDSA-Shaw and saw this set of keychains. I find it cute and a nice accessory for toy photography! So I bought this Meiji Ice Cream Tub keychains and I happened to buy three different variants of these.

These ice cream tubs have the same diameter as a one peso coin. So if you happened to use this as a prop for a Figma, I might say its quite big but it would still do.

I happened to saw three different flavors of these - strawberry, green tea (?) and chocolate. And you can actually remove the lid and surprise!
Looks yummy!
I tried taking some pictures with these ice cream tubes with my Figma Levi: Cleaning version. I wasn't able to make other poses. The sun is blazing because it's already 11AM!

I am quite frustrated on finding awesome accessories which is perfect for my Figma. Since I have no time making something for now, I am currently looking for some accessory shops/surplus shops around. Can't afford to buy those mini accessories I saw at Toy Store for now.

I guess this one will be perfect for a 12 inch doll. But it actually looks good on Figma too! Will be sharing more of my hauls soon. Thanks for dropping by! :)

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