My Ten Count Manga Collection

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Finally! I was able to complete my first manga collection. I am a fan of Ten Count manga series and for me, its story and everything about it is absolutely amazing!

Finally! I was able to complete my first manga collection. I am a fan of Ten Count manga series and for me, its story and everything about it is absolutely amazing!
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Herlock Sholmes Walkthrough Guide Code Realize Future Blessings

Herlock Sholmes, or Sherlock Homes - is a known nemesis of Arsene Lupin. For the Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~ or Fandisc, we got a chance to get Sholmes because they made a walkthrough for him! I recently finished playing his route and here's a short guide to get all the endings.

Because of too much stuff going on like getting busy at work, organizing events and been busy streaming MMORPGs lately, I refrain from playing Otome Games. But after checking out that there have been lots of localized Otome games recently, I decided to continue playing. But to help myself get motivated to finish a game, I decided to decorate my PlayStation Vita!

Collar X Malice is my first Otome Game that I played with lots of in-game mechanics. Compared to the usual visual novels that I played before, this game will make you really feel like a police/detective as you need to navigate a pointer to study the crime scene, shoot the enemy and more. And to tell you the truth, gaining trophies for this game is quite a pain.

Welcome to the last route of Collar X Malice! Aiji Yanagi's route is definitely my favorite among the five. I really like his personality (or maybe I really prefer matured guys for some reason *laughs*). I like his looks, his voice, and how his story was made. This route contains all the details about X-Day, details about the criminals, and reveal who the heck Zero is.

Kei Okazaki's route is my personal favorite route, next to Yanagi. Since I'm playing the whole game blindly, I happened to start Okazaki's route first and well, I didn't regret it. I had fun while playing his route because he can be cute and serious! Plus, I like the way he text us because it's an emoji feast *laughs* He's a gentle-type of guy and will love us unconditionally.

Takeru Sasazuka! This dude! I remember when I keep on complaining to my boyfriend if there's someone who's this rude and keeps on saying 'Idiot!' every time. But heck, I am one satisfied heroine after playing this route because we got the chance to make his heart melt!

Kageyuki Shiraishi is a weird guy (for me that is). And honestly, I really don't like how the story ended. But this route actually contains spoiler for the main story (Yanagi's route). But all in all, I must say that Shiraishi is also a good guy. Let's be patient about him though because we need to help him bring out his 'real self.'

Mineo Enomoto's route, comparing to the rest of the routes, is the chillest route. I mean he's so hilarious that every time his friends are teasing him, I can't help not to laugh because of the way he responded to each dialog. Plus, the fact that he can't even chill around women is what make this route the most relaxed one. But one thing is for sure, he might not trust us at first but once we gain it, he's one of the sweetest guys around.

Sumafo Anime Inspired Phone Case Philippines Reverie Wonderland

As much as possible, I want to carry some of my things which is related to my fandom or my favorite Anime. Aside from the usual keychains and can badges that I always have on my bag, I made sure that my phone's cover or case is related to my favorite Anime character. I discovered SUMAFO, tried to order and definitely I will order more from them.

As a fan, I usually celebrate my idol's birthday alone. Most of the time, I buy a small cake, put all the merchandise together and then take a photo. But for this time around, I celebrated one of my favorite Seiyuu's birthday with a friend.

As I mentioned on my previous blog post, I recently became a fan of Takuya Sato. Together with his 2nd mini album “DAY&NIGHT,” I also bought his 4th Single and currently the latest entitled モノローグ (Monologue). If only this package wasn’t delayed for a week, I would be able to participate to his second live *pouts* but anyway, let me show you the things that you can see inside the album.

I recently became a fan of Satou Takuya (佐藤拓也). After hearing some of his drama CDs, my infatuation on him instantly grow. Before, I just now him as one of the Seiyuus from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Touken Ranbu. But now in an instant, I started buying some of his official song albums. Today, I'll be sharing this haul of mine, Satou Takuya's second mini album titled "DAY&NIGHT." Did I actually enjoyed listening to it?